3 Good Things.

Hello!  How’s your week going?  Mine?  Good, so far.  A holiday week is always a strange week for productivity.  But, I’ve managed to get a few things crossed off my to-do list and also take advantage of the extra time with s. before she went back to school.

The house is starting to un-Christmas-ize, and for the first year ever – I’m sad to pack up the decorations.  The color + playfulness of the ornaments, the tree, the decor were all a welcome burst of happy in my space and has me thinking I may need to introduce more bits of whimsy, play and color into our everyday.

For now, 3 good things that are making me smile on this Thursday.

This lip + blush stick is changing my life.  I’ve been obsessed with the French melon color all summer and into fall, but with the winter cold it was feeling a bit too peachy on my skin.  I ordered the plum-ish crimson color last week and am smitten…it’s clean, easy to apply and so so good.

the someday project doors

the someday project 3 good thingsthe someday project 3 good things

Colorful doors.  These make me so happy and have me seriously wanting to repaint our front door…or go on a trip to track down these doors myself.

the someday project 3 good things

Speaking of wanderlust, I’m Insta-traveling like crazy these days.   A few spots that I’m hoping to hop to at some point in 2018?  Here, here and here.


Door images source 1 / 2 / 3.  Lounge image source here

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