3 Good Things

Happy Thursday lovelies!  How’s your week so far?  Still pulsing with that January energy + excitement?  I’m in NYC this week, working and getting some bits of inspiration, shopping and good food in where they fit.  I love this city…the energy, the people, the everything.

the someday project 3 good things

Are you a horoscope reader?  I am.  I grew up reading them FIRST in every new magazine I got.  Today, with so many great online versions – there’s no shortage of astrological guidance predicting all sorts of things headed your way.  My current favorite place to check them out monthly is here.  So comprehensive, so beautifully written…I’m pretty much smitten with most everything the amazing girls behind this site + magazine are doing.  Their Instagram is a daily dose of learning + inspiration in a mini-bite size nugget – beautiful images and even more beautiful words.

Kind of obsessed with getting more color + punch in my mostly white home.  It adds warmth, wit, and humor when done right.  I’m wanting to literally paint every room and soaking in inspiration and ideas from the above images.

the someday project creativity and inspiration

This quote.  I’m burning it into my brain for the year ahead.  Let’s do this!



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