3 Good Things.

February 1st.  Does it seem like January was 874 days long, but also zoomed by in a blink to anyone but me?  The unstructured-ness of my days coupled with the goal I have of getting not one, but two business plans done this month is keeping me on my TOES.  Thank goodness for yoga, meditation and tequila.  Life is all about that balance, right?!?

3 good things on my radar that need to be on yours:

the someday project 3 good thingsthe someday project 3 good thingsthe someday project 3 good thingsI’m constantly on the hunt for hilarious cards to stockpile for just the right purpose.  The assortment from Sapling Press has me buying in bulk and forcing myself to actually gift them vs frame them for my walls.  So good, you should scoop up the 6-pack STAT.

the someday project 3 good things

I spotted this yarn horseshoe at a favorite LA shop this week.  Who knew these cuties were a THING?  So many options and even a simple to follow DIY here have me imagining all the places I’d hang this lucky charm + who to gift them to…

the someday project 3 good things

These floral smudge sticks are calling my name.  I’ve become obsessed with smudging to clear energy and love to gift these to friends at the start of a new adventure, year or home.  But these, with the beautiful flowers?  These are a whole new lust-worthy beauty.  Buy them here or make your own version here.


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