3 Good Things.

Happy Thursday friends!  I’ve been feeling a little sluggish + cold all week…not sick, just not my usual self.  I think it’s partially the cold weather, partially the winter daylight hours and partially the unstructuredness of my days.  It’s the stillness + the space that I craved when creating my next life.  But now that it’s here, I’m noticing just how quiet the quiet is.

the someday project 3 good things
Today by Mary Oliver.

I’m enjoying it and learning from it and using the stillness to propel the planning + writing I need to fuel the next phase of my growth.  Do you feel it too?   The shift?  The stillness as we wait for spring…for light…for new growth?  I am reminded by my friends at CosmoMuse that this is meaning + the purpose of winter.  To settle in.  To grow strong roots.  To rest up for the spring growing season.  So, here I rest.  I write.  I think.  I dream.

the someday project 3 good things
Design Files Open House via Sight Unseen   
the someday project 3 good things
Moody Blues via theobert_pot
Lounge Here via We Are Scout

Color is BACK in a big way for 2018.  As I’m coming to realize that I can’t actually paint my entire house in various shades of navy, blush and teal…for fear of messing up the good light, the simple bones and the flow that’s here today.  So instead, I’ll cover my mood boards (IRL and Pinterest) with beautiful inspiration…who knows, maybe they’ll come to life in my workspace soon.

the someday project 3 good things
Vegan Buddha Bowl via Well and Full

The winter has me cooking warm, nourishing food in spades.  This week, I made this chili and this broccoli + mushroom goodness.  Up next, I’m planning this vegan Buddha bowl and these super simple slow roasted sweet potatoes.  YUM.



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