3 Good Things

Happy Thursday lovies!  Hope that you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day celebrating LOVE.  I am a recent convert to being a fan of Valentine’s Day.  For the longest time, I hated the commerciality and sappiness of it…but recently, I’ve come to realize that anyday that celebrates LOVE and human connection is a wonderful thing.  Love in ANY form.  Self-love, romantic love, parental love, Galentine love, stranger love…showing + sharing love is much needed in the world today so I hope you shared your love with someone or someones special yesterday (and today and this weekend and on and on.)

Today’s 3 good things:

the someday project 3 good things

First.  The heartbreaking news of the horrific school shooting yesterday in Parkland Florida has me racked with sadness.  The horror of being a parent and losing your child EVER, and especially on Valentine’s Day…I can’t imagine.  Sending your child to a place they love, their second home and then having tragedy and destruction strike even there.  If you’re inclined to get involved, here is a good article on how to help the victims + their families directly affected by this tragedy.  We have to do better in our policies + beliefs on gun ownership as a nation.  Whatever your beliefs on gun ownership, how can we be okay with our children fearing for their safety, having lockdown practice as early as pre-school?  This article is a great round-up of 6 organizations leading the conversation on reform around this heated topic.

the someday project 3 good things

Nordstrom’s Treasure & Bond line is a timeless collection of apparel, accessory and now home goods pieces that you’re gonna love.  The best part?  They donate proceeds to one of my favorite organizations working in the youth empowerment field, WE charities.  I’ve personally gotten to know this organization, their founders, their artisans and their local school programs.  So excited to see Nordstrom + WE collaborate to make a big impact in the lives of many.  A few of my favorite pieces from their just launched home collection here, here and here.

the someday project 3 good things

Anyone else losing their mind over the floral bath trend blowing up your social media feed?  A bath girl at heart, I’m eyeing some recipes to bring some floral zen to my bath this weekend.

xx, jill

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