30 Ways to Boost Your Mood

I am a firm believer that you are the driver of your mood. The chief officer of your own happiness. The maker to your smiley-facer. I know for me, choosing happiness, tho sometimes hard, is the best way to put me on the path to better living.


Today, 30 small things to do to boost your mood.

1.  Smile. Yes. Even a fake smile. Fake it ’til you make it works even here.

2.  Take 5 deep, cleansing breaths.

3.  Hug your person.

4.  Pet your animal.

5.  Stop and smell the flowers.

6.  Write a love note. To yourself.


7.  Smile at a stranger.

8.  Dance dance dance.

9.  Get some sun.

10. Do yoga.

11.  Read poetry.

12.  Watch animal videos.

13.  Look for shapes in the clouds.

14. Meditate.

15.  Visit your local museum and gaze at some art.

16.  Step away from your phone.

the someday project 30 ways to improve your mood

17.  Make art.  With your hands.

18.  Create a YOU ROCK folder of happy emails or hand written notes you’ve received.  Re-read them when you need a boost.

19.  Take a bath.

20.  Make a gratitude list.

21.  Watch a Ted Talk.

22.  Sing in the shower.

23.  Jump, jump!

24.  Call your mom.  Or your best friend.

25.  Compliment someone.  Mean it.

26.  Follow a funny Instagram account.

27.  Take a power nap.

28.  Do good.  Volunteer your time to make your world better and instantly lift your mood.

29.  Go for a walk.

30.  Eat chocolate.  Yes, it works!


Let me hear you!