4,326 Questions.

One thing I didn’t know before becoming a mom was that my #1 responsibility would be to become Chief Question Answerer.  I’m like a human Google, except with a really slow processor and access to about 1/4 of the answers this mini-human throws at me on a daily basis.  This girl bounds out of bed in the morning (after 5 minutes of grumpy grunting) and immediately starts with a smile and the questions:

need. more. coffee.

Is there a moon in every city + every state so everyone can see it at all times?

If the earth is round how come we don’t fall off of it like I fall off of a ball when I stand on it?

Why aren’t Nick Foles and Tom Brady ever on the football field at the same time?  Who made THAT a rule?

How many players are on each team?

Why don’t girls play football?

s’s spirit captured by a blackbirds photo

Did you know that Jojo Siwa ________?  (Disclaimer:  I literally can’t answer a single question about Jojo Siwa.  But her name is fun to say, eh?)


Do pigeons REALLY take baths?  How?  Who tells them to take a bath?

Does Mars have rings around it?

If there were a fire and we were upstairs, would you throw the mattress or a trampoline out for me to jump on?

Why were some people mean to Martin Luther King?

Why do I have to go to school AGAIN today?

I LOVE the questions.  I love seeing her little brain process and soak up information.  And challenge information.  And ask more questions.  I love learning what mini-conversations are going on in her head and learning what she’s worried about (football and fire recently) and what she’s into (Jojo and space.)

I hope she always feels this free.  This curious.  This confidant to ask as many questions as she needs.  I definitely think I’m in need of an internal search engine update to keep up as she grows.  But I wouldn’t trade one bit of this mom thing, this constant question asking, this eternal exhaustion for a minute.  It’s pretty awesome (and now for more coffee.)

xx, jill

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