5 Things I Always Do on Sunday

Mondays used to be the worst.  Chaotic mornings, an epic hunt for bags, keys, messy kitchen of packing lunch, not sure what to eat for breakfast, and endless outfit changes.  All that changed when I committed to a Sunday routine that set me up for a smooth transition from weekend to week.  A couple of hours well-spent on Sunday set the tone for calmer, more present and healthier days ahead.  So today, I’m happy to share the 5 things I always (well, almost) do on Sunday to make the week a little less stressful.

the someday project 5 things i do on sunday

  1.  Plan the week.  I make sure I know what’s coming my way, for both work, personal and any social events on the calendar.  This helps me to plan outfits, pack S. for the day and meal prep with an eye on what the week will actually hold.
  2. Meal prep.  I’m a BIG fan of  Sunday meal prep sessions to make the week of cooking more healthy and efficient.  I start by planning out work lunches for me, school lunches for s. and a loose dinner plan for when we’ll be eating at home. I then set aside an hour or so to meal prep as many things as I can in advance.   This usually includes: chopping veggies + hearty fruits, hard boiling eggs, roasting some veggies or chickpeas for work lunch, making 5 days of overnight oats or individual smoothie packs.  This one change has shifted our eating to 70% at home, and saved so much time – especially in the mornings!                                                                                                   the someday project 5 things i do on sunday
  3. Meditation + Quiet Time.  This is a recent addition to my Sunday schedule.  I sit for 20 – 30 minutes after s. goes to bed and meditate and then spend some time thinking ahead on the week.  What I want to accomplish, what I’m excited about, anything I might be nervous about.  This time to just check-in with myself helps ease the Sunday scaries and reminds me to be mindful and in the moment.
  4. Special time with S.  As a single, working mom – I tend to battle a lot of mom guilt.  One way I curb this is by doing something special with s. on Sunday to make sure we’re both starting the week connected and with our buckets full.  I’ve found keeping it simple ensures it happens more regularly.  Some weeks it’s including her in meal prep, some weeks it’s playing dolls, and other weeks it’s a walk or bike ride.  We both enjoy this special time and makes the rest of Sunday not seem so hard.

    the someday project 5 things i do on sunday
    GP’s Chicken Piccata photo by Ditte Isager.
  5. Sunday supper.  I like to plan a good, home-cooked meal for early Sunday evening, with extras for leftovers.  Something a little special that might take a longer than I can normally fit in on a weeknight – fills us up while feeling a little more festive than a rushed weeknight.  A few regulars:  gwyneth’s chicken piccata, grilled steak, potatoes + veggies or a fish + veggie parchment packet.

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What’s your Sunday schedule?  Anything you’ve found that helps you float into Monday a little lighter?