5 Things I’m Doing More of in January.

Last week, I shared with you my intentions for the year ahead.  Today, let’s talk ACTION and what I’m doing in January to bring in more connection, inspiration, empowerment, grounding and gratitude.

the someday project 5 things i'm doing more of in january

Morning Pages.  I’m getting back in the daily habit of morning pages.  If you haven’t heard of this process, I first learned of it while reading The Artist’s Way a few years ago.  The daily habit quickly explained here is a great way to free your brain from clutter and just start writing.  There is no wrong or right way to write these, nothing is off limits and it is fun to see where your thoughts will take you freely, first thing in the morning.  I sometimes revisit these pages for writing inspiration for blog posts, or will find that my unconscious has unraveled something my brain has been trying to solve for months.  These will be helpful to me as I launch a business, and work from a place of grounding + gratitude.  They help my anxiety monster to feel heard, and quiet down a bit.  And they help me to reflect on places I might need to reach out for help or more connection to my friends or family.the someday project what i'm doing more of in January

Small Moments with S.  My girl and I had such a good reset over the holidays.  Two full weeks of mostly us time where we got to play, make, build and just be.  I am realizing how quickly this time with her is flying past me, and looking to build small moments of connections into our daily routine.  So far, this has been quick pre-dinner-5-minute post-it note scavenger hunts around the house or backyard to have some fun and get our energy out.  Dance parties are in our rotation as is Barbie play.  I’ve talked about this before, but these quick little moments for play help s. to feel more calm + connected to me and make my momming A LOT smoother.

Eating simpler.  With my new routine, I’m having more time to prepare meals at home.  I’ve been doing smoothies, soups and vegetable sautees and find that the clean and mostly veggie diet agrees with me.

the someday project 5 things i'm doing more of in january

Writing a business plan.  Since the start of the year, I’ve been building concepts for the launch of my first solo-business and this month will move into the business plan writing phase.  My goal is to have it ready by February 15th, complete with the purpose, the financials and the operating model.  I am excited to stretch this part of my brain and build both the visual concept + the strategy alongside each other.  This is the first big step in me empowering myself to operate as an entrepreneur and will also help me to build connection as I seek input and feedback from many around me.

Continued self-care.  Yoga, meditation, workouts and quiet moments have become a part of my daily routine that I’m looking forward to continuing throughout 2018, and my life.  These small steps have helped me to find a balance, a calm and a grace that help me live a more grateful life.  In the coming year, as I move from concept to launch phase on a new business, mom my girl and build more connections out in the world – this coming inward daily to connect to me will become an even more important part of my day.


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