8 Things I’m Loving in the Kitchen

the someday project 8 things i'm loving in the kitchen
via Food52, photo by Julia Gartland.

Food + everything associated with it is definitely having a moment. Food bloggers abound, kitchen shops are the new must-see boutique and a hot restaurant reservation is as coveted as a front row seat at the latest runway show.

Trends and products in the food + kitchen industry seem to be as quick to evolve as fashion. As a girl who finds as much joy in the TOOLS + PROCESS as the work I do, I love the newness + innovation coming to life in the kitchen. A few new-to-me favorites I’m obsessing over:

1. Food52.  I discovered this site after picking up their amazing book last fall, Food52: A New Way to Dinner. The site + the book share: amaze-balls photography, delicious recipe inspiration.  Online also has a well-stocked and curated shop.  I can’t stop.

the someday project 8 things I'm loving in the kitchen
Cacio e Pepe via Food52

A few of my favorite recipes so far:  smoky fried chickpeas, cacio e pepe, customizable simple syrup.

the someday project 8 things i'm loving in the kitchen

And my current obsessions from their shop:  wind chimes, unpaper towels, porcelain butter keeper.

the someday project 8 things i'm loving in the kitchen
Summer Glow Buddha Bowl via Oh She Glows

2.  This vegan + vegetarian moment we’re having.  I LOVE all the healthy vegan + vegetarian inspiration around us in blog, recipe and cookbook form.  I consider myself a flexitarian, eating vegatan 70% of the time and working in bits of sheep + goat dairy, fish, chicken or beef a few meals a week.  I have dreams of going all vegan, all-the-time, but at this point in my life, I just can’t bite that off.  If and when I do, these ladies will be the first resources I turn to:

Jessica Murnane.  I’ve professed my love for her cookbook, One Part Plant, here before.  I love her real approach to food, her podcast and her love of hats.

Jeanine Donofrio.  I gifted my sister-in-law her Love and Lemons cookbook and enjoy browsing through it when we visit each time.  I am obsessed with her site:  great content, awesome typography + photography, and have loved everything I’ve tried.

Angela Liddon of Oh She Glows is the girl who first got me interested in vegan-ism.  These potatoes were the first thing I made from her blog, and they were amazing enough to get me hooked.  This summer bowl is a work lunch staple for me.  And my sweet tooth LOVES this health(ier) treat.

the someday project 8 things i'm loving in the kitchen
Chick-fil-a Tofu Nuggets via 40 Aprons

Okay.  And the one recipe I can’t wait to try?  Chick-fil-a inspired tofu nuggets.  WTF.  It’s on.

3.  My standing Sunday afternoon date: Mason Jars.  Who knew a canning jar had so many uses beyond canning?  I’m obsessed with these little workhorses of the kitchen and use them daily for overnight oats, work lunches and to store leftovers.  I set up a meal prep Sunday to knock out a week’s worth of breakfasts + lunches for both s. and I.

the someday project 8 things i'm loving in the kitchen
Overnight Oats via Wholefully

My favorite jars for oats, and lunches here.  I’ve found plastic lids are a MUST for what I use them for.

If you’ve been wanting to try your hand at this , click here for overnight oats, the perfect way to layer a sog-proof salad and three fall soups.

the someday project 8 things i'm loving in the kitchen
Staub 4 Qt Round Cocotte via Williams Sonoma

4.  Anything Staub.  But especially these bad boys.  I love the versatility of the cocotte and how MUCH I can cook in it on the stove, or in the oven.  In the fall, I make large batches of soup and store it right in the pot to go seamlessly from stove top to refrigerator.  A few of my other favorites from them:  mini cocotte (I haven’t figured out a use case to justify these yet, but I’m committed to finding one soon) and their spatulas.

5.  Flatware Trends.  The last time I purchased flatware, I only remember oodles and oodles of silver.  These days, all the trends of fashion jewelry has migrated, happily to flatware.  Gold, brass, black, copper + melamine handled beauties abound.  I’m in the market for new flatware, and have been eyeing these options:


Copper Handled via Pottery Barn, Colorful Mepra Fantasia via Wayfair, Matte Black Handled via CB2.

the someday project 8 things i'm loving in the kitchen
image via Lunchbots

6.  Reusable lunch containers.  A must-have for back to school, and for mamma’s work lunch.  Aside from my mason jars, a few regulars in our house:

Our favorite lunch containers, freezable lunch tote, and reusable snack bags.  This year, we’re also trying these super cute portable utensils for s’s school…we’ll see how long they make it back and forth.

7.  Cooking with Kids.  I love to cook, and thank goodness, my mini loves to help me.  She’s actually pretty good at helping and I love having her company.

The tools from this company are the perfect introduction to chopping, mixing and peeling.  We have these knives and gift this prep set often.

Our favorite cookbook to tackle together has been 100 Days of Real Food:  Fast and Fabulous.  I love the kid’s lunch inspiration (especially this BTS week!) and their simple approach to REAL FOOD.

S. loves to bake, much more than her mamma does.  I let her do all the measuring, mixing and pouring (knowing I’ll have a dirty kitchen, but a happy kid when we’re done.)  Muffins, cookies, and pancakes are her jam so far.  I love having this tradition with my girl, and love that I’m passing on some good life skills while we have some fun!

the someday project 8 things i'm loving in the kitchen
Roasted Cauliflower Tacos via Minimalist Baker

8.  Food Porn.  er, Instagrammers you MUST follow.  And if you do, when it makes you hungry – don’t blame me.  You were warned.

Joy the Baker,  Minimalist Baker,  Smitten Kitchen,  Damn Delicious,  and Gimme Some Oven.

And all the vegan ladies I love from above:  One Part Plant, Love and LemonsOh She Glows.

So.  As  you can see, I’m a big fan of being in the kitchen.  Or at least looking for inspiration to be in the kitchen!

What are your favorite recipes right now?  Kitchen tools  you can’t live without?  I’d love to hear about below.