My Story

Hi there!  Welcome to The Someday Project.  This space started as my need to do something tangible with my hands, my lists, my ever-running brain.  I am a maniacal list maker/ dreamer / pinner.  Lists upon lists of books to read, things to make, meals to cook, parties to host…

I find myself putting them off to the mythical ‘someday’ until the conditions are perfect.  I need more time!  I don’t know how to do that!  I can’t (insert my excuse here) right now!  

Upon turning 40ish, I started to reflect on life and the journey so far.  Years of therapy, a majorly failed relationship and an urge that I might not be doing all that I can to make the world better in only the way I can lit the proverbial fire under my seat.  This, coupled with the realization that I am raising a daughter in this bat shi*t crazy world who needs to be confident, compassionate and curious just to survive definitely got me inspired.

And I decided to JUST START already.  Start writing, start messy, start building.  It’s not perfect, or pretty – but it’s my someday and I’m willing to get a little lost and dirty in the process of learning and wandering around this big beautiful world…

Some things  you can expect to see here:

  • me sharing myself with the world.  be kind, i’m learning.
  • celebrations of messy progress + in-progress projects, not picture perfect outcomes.
  • a visual kick-in-the-pants to get your own someday started.

Let’s make this someday happen already!