About Me.

Hi there!  I’m Jill, and I’m glad you’re here.  I am many things.  A momma.  A creative.  A friend.  A daughter.  A writer / photographer / chef / artist / yogi in progress.   I have so many things I want to do and be, someday.  

Welcome to The Someday Project.  This space is my little corner of the world to do something tangible with my hands.  To get out of my ever-running brain and make, create, write, share.  To DO and not just DREAM. To put a bit more of myself out in the universe in the way only I can.  

So.  Cheers to starting, to sharing.  Start writing, start messy, start building.  Start cracking myself open, to see what else is inside.  To let light in, so that magic can happen.  

Some things  you can expect to see here:

  • me sharing myself with the world.  things i love to read, do, make.  dreams + plans i am building for the future.
  • celebrations of messy progress + in-progress projects, not picture perfect outcomes.
  • a visual kick-in-the-pants to get your own someday started.  (and please share your someday dreams here too – we can help each other along the way.)

Let’s make this someday happen already!

If you’re new to this space, start here.