Bring it On 2018.

Hello, January.  Hello, 2018.  Hello, to all the goodness this year in this world will bring.  I’ve been thinking a lot on the next 12-18 months, and while I’m not one for setting resolutions in to-do form – I’m all for setting intentions of what I want to see more of in my life.  As I shared with you guys last week, 2017 was a growth year for me (although, when isn’t?)  Full of change, learning, love, compassion and being brave.  I am looking forward to carrying all my lessons with me and adding some new ones in for the year.

the someday project 2018 intentions inspiration resolution creativity inspired connected

As I reflect, I’m looking forward to more growth, more change, more learning.  To take risks both personally and professionally.  To test myself and my truth to see how far I can go in my relationships, my career, my life.  As I start the year, I am thinking about what I want to be able to say to my December 2018 self.  The words that I keep coming back to over and over:

Connected.  In the coming year, I want to deepen my connections to the people around me.  Spiritually, emotionally, creatively.  I want to connect to new business ideas, build new communities that foster creative connections.  I want to connect more deeply to the relationships already present in my life and open my heart to new ones.  Connection is what fuels me.  It’s the pattern in the stars, the meaning in the universe, the magic that connects our souls to our purpose.  Patterns in people, problems, design…this is connection to me.  It is what fuels my curiosity and passion.  I’m looking forward to going deeper here in 2018.

the someday project 2018 intentions inspiration resolution creativity inspired connected

Inspired.  I am always inspired. I am inspired by beauty.  In nature, in art, in music, in words, in people.   When I’m most inspired is when I’m best able to share my gifts with other people.  It’s when I’m able to see ways for them to use their gifts differently and inspire change.  Authentic inspiration is what keeps me thinking new thoughts, dreaming big dreams and taking big risks.

Empowered.  This.  This one is new for me.  It’s somewhat odd for a 40-something-year-old woman who is quite literally free to make her own decisions to feel the need to claim empowerment as quality she wishes to possess.  Yet, for me, I need this as a strong reminder.  I am a pleaser by nature.  Which means that I tend to give away my power, my time and my to-do list to what others think might best serve me.  I know that I am a confident, capable human.  That I don’t need to seek validation, direction or input from anyone (or everyone) in my life to make my choices.  I want to live in this confidence, continuing to seek input where needed, but ultimately know that I am my own best teacher / healer / guide and relish in this truth and get on with it.

the someday project 2018 intentions the someday project 2018 intentions inspiration resolution creativity inspired connected

Grounded.  I love the concept of being grounded.  Of walking barefoot through soft grass (or sandy beach) and quite literally being grounded to the earth.  I also love the notion of grounding as being calm, centered and content in my soul.  This year, as I stretch myself in ways that have never been stretched or tested, I will need to firmly keep my feet planted on the ground.  A not-so-easy feat for this born dreamer.  I need to stretch to the sky as I reimagine + build my life, but also root to the ground to ensure progress + tasks get completed.  Keeping my focus on the vision, while staying rooted in the practicality will be a balanced dance I must learn to master to fully write this next chapter.

Grateful.  Always.  I am grateful every morning and every night.  I practice living with gratitude daily through journaling and prayer.  It has made all the difference in how I manage anxiety, doubt, fear, and insecurity.  They still come and visit me often, but I’m able to keep them mostly in check by being focused on the good.  I have even learned to be grateful for these insecurities.  They keep me safe, are good gut check protectors and open me up to seeking help and guidance where needed.

These are a few of the things I’ll be focused on this year.  Keep me honest and accountable…both here and in IRL if I’m lucky enough to bump into you.  What’s on your mind for 2018?

xx, jill

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