Color Crush: Navy

I think you know by now that I love color.  And texture.  And colorful texture?  Knock me over with a feather.  Today, I’m focusing my color crush on the workhorse of the blues:  navy.  I was slow to jump on the navy train.  But lately, my love for it borders on obsession.

good in outfit form of all types…all seasons…and all occasions

There isn’t a room in my home that doesn’t house this hue.  Literally.  Rugs upon rugs, beside pillows, in front of walls, near artwork, books and throws.  And my navy section in the closet?  Blazers, skirts, tops, sweaters, scarves, shoes.  I love navy in all its forms…

good in home form.  tile color, accent wall, upholstered, lacquered.  it’s all good.

For me, it’s the cooler, younger sister to black.  It’s as versatile as white, but a little more dependable and sturdy.  And it’s a chameleon of a color, looking equally great paired with whites and neutrals as it does with pastels or pops of brights.

colors that look good with navy?  hmmm.  ALL!

Are you crushing on navy as hard as I am right now?

xx, jill