Day 1: The Someday Project.

Today is Day 1.  Day 1 of my new life.  Of my Someday Project.   A leap of faith, a dash into the unknown, a farewell to the only work home I’ve ever known. For those of you that don’t personally know me, let’s begin at the beginning.

the someday project day 1
Tins from Fossil

I’m a girl from a small town in Oklahoma who was bitten by the creative, fashion bug early in life (although my senior pictures would tell you otherwise.)   After graduating with a marketing degree, I began my career in PR for Fossil in Dallas.  Fast forward to 20 years later and I’ve dabbled in concept design, marketing, storytelling, PR, merchandising, visual merchandising and product development. I got the experience of a lifetime getting to try so many things in such a wonderfully inspiring environment.  I had the good fortune of seeing the world, from Tokyo to Milan to Marfa – all in the pursuit of the next great idea.  I worked with some of the BEST people in the world, learning a lot along the way and always trusting they had my back.  Sounds pretty awesome, right?  And it was.  Right up until the slow-clap parade exit of last Friday (a long-standing tradition of how we say farewell.)

I loved almost every minute, and am still stuck in some type of limbo phase that isn’t quite sure why I’m not headed into work today.  BUT.  I’m letting my emotions settle and wash over me.  Memories, love, comfort, challenges that  built me into a better leader + human, friendships that have and will far outlast my time spent at any job.  And as I start, just tiny start, to think about what’s next for me, I’m excited to start fresh.  To face new challenges.  To solve new problems.  And to figure out new ways to bring my best self to work in a different way every single day.

the someday project day 1

Some of the gifts I’m taking away from this chapter in my life:

+I love telling stories.  Starting with inspiration and building all the pieces and parts that come together to turn vision into reality. A story to me can be anything from a beautiful product, to the design of a space,  building a catalog and so so much more.  This is my jam and I can’t imagine a role that I will ever be too far from that.

+I love working with creative people, risk takers and can-doers.  People who not only dream big, but also go big.  Surrounding yourself with the best people who share your mission and passion is the BEST way to win.  Not only at work, but in life.

+Who you work for + with is the MOST important decision you can make.  I was pretty lucky to work with mostly amazing people.  Who pushed me to be my best, to learn, to do more, to take risks.  And even when I failed, they were cheering me on!  Fail bigger!  It’s the best way to learn, they said.  My next gig is likely to be outside of a corporate world, but in choosing who I let in to guide me, I’m going to have a pretty high standard so I can continue to test, learn, fail and grow.

+I love solving problems and seeing patterns and connections in the world.  I am a curious creative.  Always researching, always learning, always asking WHY.  This is a talent that helps me see things in a way that others might not see…and while I’m definitely making the wrong connections as much as I am the right ones, it’s a skill I can’t wait to test out in the real world.

the someday project day 1
What’s behind Door #3?

So.  As for what’s next for me?  I don’t quite know. I’m going to take a minute (or a month) to catch my breath.  To sit and grieve the closing of my last chapter.  To do some yoga, drink some tequila, hit a beach (or two,) hang with my little s. and be a mom.

To write and create and paint and process and build ideas.  To let my brain wander, my body reset and my heart explode with all the gratitude that’s pulsing through me at the moment.

So stick with me as I test out this new me.  And feel free to share when you see something you like, or something you don’t.  I’m gonna need some feedback!