December To-Do: Five Things I’m Doing More of This Month

the someday project

Happy December…the last month of 2017.  Our last try at crossing off all the big plans we started the year dreaming of!  Come on friends, we can do this!

For me, 2017 was jokingly titled “The Year of ME.”  It was a year to reset myself, to focus on self-care, to explore my thoughts a bit more openly and to break up with old habits that weren’t serving me any longer.  I introduced a lot of new rituals, at more frequent intervals – journaling, yoga, meditation and found my way to new thoughts that I will build on in 2018.  I wrote business plans for 4 ideas, and am excited to launch ONE in 2018.  I focused on fewer relationships, striving for more meaningful connection.  What a year it has been, I can’t wait to see what this final month has in store!

This month, you’ll find me doing more:

the someday project five things to do in december
Turmeric Chicken Soup via Camille Styles

Soup-making (and eating.)  I love soup season!  Such a filling comfort food…even in this 75 degree weather, I can’t get enough.  I made a double batch of Goop’s broccoli + arugula detox soup on Sunday and YUM.  A few others in my rotation this month:  Meatball soup, ummm yes!  And this turmeric chicken immunity booster is up next up on my list.  My allergies need every boost they can get!

Clearing the clutter.  I am declaring December the tackle month for closets + bathrooms in our home.  I’m fairly organized, but I’m also a collector of stuff.  Especially of the beauty + fashion variety…looking forward to paring down to fewer pieces in both my wardrobe + s’s to make getting dressed a little simpler for both of these fashion lovers.

Movie watching.  I’m not usually a movie-watcher kind of a gal.  I can easily think of a thousand other things I’d rather do with 2 free hours.  BUT.  With Lady Bird’s amazing reviews, Greta Gerwig and mom / daughter relationships…I can’t wait to stare at the screen for this gem.  Also on my watch list:  Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri because Frances McDormand always always always kills it.  And Wonder, a novel turned screenplay about a boy born with facial deformities and the journey of his life.  I’m needing to release some emotions this season!

Playing with S.  A carry over from my November to-do, this one is good enough to repeat.  I didn’t get to do QUITE enough play time as I hoped in November, but the time that we did just play was some of the best times we had together all month.  My controlling, type A, always on a schedule meshed with s’s fierce independence, big emotions and wild imagination are best together when we can find some common ground to connect over.  Play is proving to be one of the best ways for this to happen.  She’s able to process her big emotions in a pretend environment, and I’m able to learn more about what’s going on with her in those five minutes than in any other conversation…

Going slow.  It’s the holidays.  Also known as the most crazed and busy time of the year.  This year, I’m planning to slow my roll and enjoy every.  single.  moment.  of crazy.  of people.  of love.  of it all.  I’m doing this by doing one thing at a time, taking technology breaks and some agenda free days.  We’ll see how I do with that last one come January.  But.  Slow.  That’s the speed for me this month.

What’s on your December to-do?