Hello, Goodbye: Reflections on 2017.

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Hi there New Year!  And goodbye 2017!  The change of the year is always a welcome breath for me…a chance to reflect on all that has passed in the past 12 months, and connect to new hopes and inspired dreams for the year ahead.  2017 was an odd one no doubt, but for me – I’m really proud of the year I’m leaving.  Full of closure, heartbreak, new hope, fresh beginnings and unlimited possibilities.  A full year for sure.

I’ve begun my Hello 2018 list of all I want to bring into my life in the year ahead…but before I share that, I’d like to close 2017 with gratitude and reflection for what I learned.

In the past year, I saw:

+the power of friends.  New friends, old friends, friends who are also family all rallied to support me in ways I can’t even fathom.  I was humbled and moved by their compassion and am so lucky to have such a wonderful tribe.
+a year of uncertainty in our world. Political craziness, resilience beyond belief and people organizing to rally and create REAL change.    
+the official (legal) end of my marriage. I am a different person at the end of this process and grew quite a lot in both the marriage and the breakup.  I learned a lot about myself as a person…my shortcomings for sure, but also my strength, grace, and compassion were tested in ways I never knew existed.
+the end of my 20-year chapter at my career as I know it. Along with all the amazement, gratitude, sorrow from closing this chapter. And all the excitement, optimism and opportunity that lays ahead for me.
+the start of kinder for my girl. The transition from my baby to a big girl is happening.  I am in awe of the little person she is becoming. And scratching my head at how we got here so quickly!

I close the chapter on 2017 thankful.  For all of the learning.  For the good + the painful that shaped me.  As I look ahead:

I am humbled.

I am inspired. 

I am hopeful.

I am grateful.

I am amazed.  

I will take this into 2018, and can’t wait to share my big plans for the year with you a little later in the month.  For now, know that I am looking to create more meaningful connections in the world.  To my community (IRL + online,) to my daughter, to myself and to the world.

Happy New Year to you + yours!  Let’s do this 2018!

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