The First Post.

the mood board that started it all.

The first post.  gulp.  I’ve been thinking, reading, dreaming, writing, sketching, doubting, planning, learning, and then chickening out on starting this blog off and on for over a year now.   Because doubt.  Because anxiety.  Because sleep and Schitt’s Creek and Pinterest.

But today, I start.

Welcome.  My Someday Project.  Here, I will be celebrating curiosity and practicing creativity.  Daily, weekly, in the little bits of time I have between being a full time working creative, a momma, a friend and an obsessive rabbit hole researcher.  The hyphenated life that we all live and love…

I’m doing this to:

  • find my own voice creatively, outside of a team + a brand.
  • get my hands as busy as my brain with writing + making + doing.
  • explore parts of my creative journey not yet explored.
  • connect with other wanderers to see how we can inspire + build things together.

I’m glad you’re here and would love to hear about your own Someday Project.

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