My Someday Life: January Check In.

The Someday project January check in

It’s been 46 days since I left life as I’ve known it for the past 20+ years. It’s taken me a good bit to decompress, to ease into a slower pace and to bring some structure to my days that helps me make progress on what might be next. And while I am a firm believer in letting the energy of the universe guide me to next, I also am a girl who needs to do and be busy to fully learn and embrace life. This break, I now know, was the much needed reset in becoming me as I build my someday project, my someday life and unlock the full me.

So, what have I learned so far?

1. The space of this pace is good for me. I have been working since I was 16, with a break here or there for vacation or a holiday…but even then my mind is ALWAYS working. I’m not gonna lie, the slower pace did not come easy for me. I am used to checklists a mile long, rushing from meeting to meeting and never quite feeling like I did enough. I am still learning the beauties and structure of these more open days where I set the pace. My brain is STILL always working as I dream and build the concept of my new business. But the freedom in my days to walk, write, create, to meet a new or old friend is helping my brain to build random connections, new thoughts and richer plans for what this someday life of mine might look like. I have achieved this by letting most of the fluff go. I make space for the things I have to do, and I prioritize the things that I do for me or my daughter over all else. I have gained no more minutes in my schedule, but I have gained loads of time and perspective in the best way to manage my days.

2. The stress I had become accustomed to running with is not the stress I can actually handle. I had become so numb to operating under a self-imposed burden of stress about life, the business, the people around me, the constant need to project and protect my image that I didn’t even realize the weight I was carrying from this stress. My anxiety, my sleep, my digestive and mental health have all improved vastly in the month and a half since I chose to step towards a different life. I am making very careful decisions about what amount of stress I can and will allow myself to undertake as I move forward. Some are beyond my control, but the biggest learning for me so far is that MOST of the stress I react to is brought on by ME. I choose how to respond to my triggers, how I show up and respond to other people’s energy. I know launching a business will come with a healthy and natural amount of stress and will do self check-ins to keep it in balance. How do I bring the calm and mindfulness of my meditation and yoga practice into my daily moments and into the next business environment I build?

3. Defining success looks different for me now. Future success will need to nourish the whole me: the creative, the purpose driven, the empowered and the connection seeker. I will continue to focus on building great things, nourishing and inspiring the people around me and making work fun. My someday self is more concerned with the quality of my work, the depth of my purpose and leaving some white space in my days for connection, rest and self-care.

As I build the business plan and vision boards for my next project, I am also building in a healthy dose of reality to allow me the time and space to continue to nurture this new me. A slower, more intentional pace. A spontaneous, more connected human. And a purpose-driven business owner.


Let me hear you!

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