October To-Do: 5 Things I’m Doing More of this Month.

Hello October!  Where has 2017 gone?  Inspired by this post and in an effort to squeeze every last minute out of this year – I’m getting serious about the shifting how I spend my time.  At the start of the year, I set an intention to show up for myself in ways that I haven’t been in the past 2 – 3 years.  To put myself + my health + my journey first on my to-do list.  Sadly, this has been MUCH harder for this girl than I thought.  But – you know, work in progress and there’s still a bit of 2017 left.  To kick off the month, I’m sharing 5 things I’m going to be doing more of.  Putting my commitments out there.  To you.  In writing.

So that you can side-eye me when I don’t follow through.  But mostly, so I’ll follow through knowing I don’t want to let you down cuz I’m a pleaser.  K?  K.

the someday project 5 things in october
a recent color + shape exploration

Make stuff.  With my hands.  

Paint.  Sketch.  Write.  I’ve been doing more of this since launching this blog (see, this accountability thing is real you guys!) and it’s helping me to find my voice and explore new thoughts.

31-day yoga challenge.

This yoga challenge is helping me to stay present in my body these days.  I’m looking forward to continuing on my yoga journey and hoping to turn this 31-days into a more consistent daily ritual.

the someday project 5 things i'm doing in october

One thing at a time.  

I am a constant multi-tasker, doing three things at once.  Which leads to many mistakes, a frustrated me and not my best work.  Turn off email + social notifications.  Do one thing at a time.  Make a list, but keep it small.

the someday project 5 things i'm going to do in october

Cook more.

I love food.  And I love to cook.  This month, I’m doing more of it weekly to make sure both s. and I have healthy lunch + dinner options to keep us going this fall.  Looking forward to soup season and roasted veggie salads!


I have so many books precariously stacked up on my bedside table just waiting for their moment.  I’m spending a few minutes each night reading and picking 2 books to tackle in October before I move onto the rest of that stack.

Elemental Energy:  Crystals and Gemstone Rituals for a Beautiful Life.  A drool-worthy modern guide to crystals, oils and other healing goodies.

You are a Badass at Making Money.  Jen Sincero is my hero and I can’t wait to read her latest in the badass series.

What’s on your October to-do?  Share below and let’s get that list done beautiful people!