Potential Pieces.

Potential pieces.  I heard this phrase in yoga class last week and it stuck with me.  As a curious creative, I am always seeing the potential in a piece, a situation, a path, a person.  Could that profession be a fit for me?  Should I pursue that path?  That person seems interesting, we should be friends.  I see the possibility + the potential in most every situation I run across.  It’s why I love to move (a chance to redecorate,) travel (I might learn or see something new,) and appreciate the concept phase of a project MOST of all.

the someday project potential pieces
one of my paintings as featured in CosmoMuse magazine

I appreciate the possibility of the potential as it helps me to be an open human being.  To wander, to explore, to seek out new experiences + learnings.  I love this because I’ve made many new friends over the years that I might have not a lot in common with, except for our shared love of seeing the potential in the universe.  I love this because it has helped me to grow as a person and to become a better human, mother, creative, friend, thinker.

BUT.  I also have to monitor this because it keeps me always on the hunt for the new + the next.  The next potential piece might be a better fit than the one I’m currently working hard to place.  The new city / business concept / class / book might be EVEN better than where I am today.  It makes it hard for me to focus and commit to any single path, especially treacherous as I seek to launch ONE business this year.

the someday project potential pieces
textured wall in Comfort, Texas.

The possibility of the unknown is so deeply romanticized in our culture.  The what if holds much power over our psyche.  Social media feeds this beast of possibilities.  Never before have we been able to see what we might be missing if only we’d just venture 10 miles further, try a new restaurant, network with this group, click through that post and keep scrolling for days.

the someday project potential pieces
pink on pink

I enjoy all of this constant inspiration + information.  It feeds my curiosity beast and inspires me to do good work and try new things.  I feel myself needing to make a shift.  To choose to work on being aware of the potential but staying grounding in the real.  By finding the space + excitement in the now versus the new.  I’m working to settle in with the potential pieces I’ve just added to my puzzle – a new daily routine, new(ish) friends, a partially done business plan.  Give them a bit to see how they fit before scooping up any new pieces.

Let me hear you!