My Purpose: Randomly Connected.

the someday project connected

This is one of my all-time favorite quotes.  It’s ringing boldly true for me these days. You see, the things I’m finding myself drawn to recently – are quite different than they have been in my past.  Creativity + curiosity have always been the constant for me, but these days those have taken a turn towards spirituality.  Towards empowerment.  Towards crystals and yoga and oils and meditation.  With a healthy bit of fashion + design + tequila still thrown in for good measure, hey – you didn’t expect to me to TOTALLY transform did you?

I’m about to put this quote to the ultimate test and try to figure out the next step in my purpose…by jumping, breaking, freeing myself up to explore all of these random bits that seem un-connected but are exciting me right now.

I’ve spent the past 20 years being safe.  Doing work I love, surrounded by people I adore.  I grew, I learned, I took risks for sure…but not in the way that I crave to do anymore.  I want to risk it all, test new theories, see what’s next for me.  Step off my path to see what new path reveals itself…and wander down that way for awhile.

the someday project connected

So.  With this fire + excitement in my soul, I did what any passionately insane person in my shoes would do…and I jumped.  I’m leaving professional life as I know it at the end of 2017, and am looking forward to completing this chapter with gratitude, love and grace.   Closing this door wasn’t easy, but unlocking your purpose, that’s supposed to be a bit hard.

And then onto 2018.  Where I have no idea what lies ahead.  But that?   That unknown, that possibility, the stopping to ask where I’m headed…that’s the point. I’m looking for the connections in the random, a pattern in my thoughts that will be my guide me through this journey.  I’m gloriously looking forward to this next chapter.

Let’s do this universe!

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