So. Much. Goodness.

the someday project so much goodness

I started 2017 intent on seeking more goodness, more joy, more purpose out of my life. I put in the hard work like never before, cracking myself open in every way I could imagine to see what’s inside. And here I sit, 90% of the way through the year.  So excited about all the learning, growth, love and light that has come into my world.

I have so much goodness in my life, at the top of my list:
1. Family. Always, I have the most supportive and amazing tribe beside me, in my family. From S. to my mom, to my siblings + their tribe, to all the wild bunch that extends beyond there…it’s my crazy, I love every bit of it. I wouldn’t be me without them.
2. Friends. New + old. This year has been the perfect blend of deeper connections with old friends + meaningful interactions with strangers who are quickly becoming my ride-or-die besties.
3. Health.   Both mental + physical.  An eternal and ever-evolving journey.
4. Self-love.  Love is an inside job. As a codependent empath, this lesson has been a hard one to learn. Through journaling, prayer, meditation, therapy, and self-care – 2017 has been a year of kindness towards myself. I am sitting here today, spreading more love in the world because of the work I’ve done thus far to love myself more fully…flaws and all.

the someday project so much goodness
5. My hands, my brain, my curiosity.
6. Here + now. My mantra for the year has been to “be here.” I remind myself of this each time I feel my intention shifting from the present moment. This ability to zoom back to the gift in front of me has opened my heart and mind to new thinking.
7. The magic of the Universe. I have been more open +  vulnerable this year than ever. More open to random connections. Open to learning. To growing. To taking risks and being wrong. All the while, trusting that the Universe really does have my back and that all will work out exactly as it should.

the someday project so much goodness

The most significant shift this year has been in my perspective. I am receiving love and light in ways that I never imagined. I credit it 100% to being open, grateful and in love with my life (the good + the bad equally). I don’t take for granted that I am lucky and blessed beyond imagination in every sense of the word.

Here’s to the holiday season. here’s to staying present and connected. And here’s to you, for following along on my journey and sharing yours with me.