Someday Dreams: Shopgirl.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve dreamed of owning my own small shop. Someplace I could play. Curate. Build displays + environments to inspire and excite.

Somedays I dream of a gift shop. Focusing on small gifts, paper products, and home accessories.  Complete with confetti, glitter riddled anything and loads of pink.  Some place that you’re sure to find the perfect gift for your picky but lovable best friend / cousin / mother of a loving / boss would adore.  #giftwinning.

Other times, I think it might be a kitchen store. With curated tablescapes of artfully arranged place settings and entertaining scenes…by color scheme of course.  Layers of dishes.  Mis-matched periods.  Oodles of linen and fabric runners, napkins and tablecloths.  Complete with menu suggestions, cocktail pairings + the perfect spice blends and wood serving trays for the casual host.  Hostess with the mostess, step this way.

Maybe I’ll skip picking a focus…and just go with a little bit of all my favorite things. Beautiful home goods. Crystals for good living. My favorite cookbooks + cards. A teapot. Some spices. A cozy throw. Some candles. CHOCOLATE.  The best graphite pencils in all the land.  Face oils. Good coffee.  Even better tequila.  Bath salts.  Floral shears.  A little bit of all the things I love.  Something to inspire good living, good gifting and good love.  Crazytown, maybe?  Curated clutter I prefer to think…


So, what’s this shop obsession about?  I think it combines three of my favorite loves:  well-designed product, helping people and curated storytelling. Helping people solve problems through design in an interesting way…that’s my jam.

What’s on your someday dream list?

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