The Someday Project: the inspiration behind the name

Let’s talk. Today, I wanted to share a bit more behind the purpose of this blog.  I’m a planner, inspiration seeker, and researcher by nature.  I love to read, explore and go through life quite curious.  This curiosity has been a great skill that has helped me to enjoy quite a lot of life.  Sometimes, though, I can become paralyzed by indecision and too many options.  You see, in my always running brain, I keep lists of ideas and things I want to do, make and learn.  And I add and add and add to this list without just starting.  Most things stay on my someday list for a loooong time, just waiting for that magical time of life when I have extra hours in a day, more knowledge and a boost of confidence to get going.  And thus, you see why they are just a list and not actually a reality, until now.

inspiration curiosity the someday project

Today, I’m going to talk to you about my most favorite someday list to-dos. I’m doing this, so they become real in the real world, and not hidden in a journal in a drawer, or as a secret thought in my head. I’m doing this so you have visibility to them, not so you can hold me accountable – but so you can start to think about what might be on your someday list too. I’m doing this, so we can all practice more doing and less wishing.   Because, only by doing, are we going to find the great gifts we all have hidden inside of us.  They are patiently waiting to come out, to be born, to be shared with the world.

On my list.  

The top three items on my list are tangible things that I can do. With my hands. While they even get dirty.

They are, for the most part, things that I am not skilled or experienced at.  I like this a lot.  I crave being a novice, an amateur, to relish in the unknown.  I look forward to the learning and mistakes that lay ahead.  And am excited by the possibility of what might be.

inspiration curiosity the someday project



THE SOMEDAY PROJECT LIST.  The top 3 things on my list today.

inspiration the someday project

1. Practice writing + creating content. I have a strong desire to have something that I can put out in the world that’s just mine. A place for me to develop and practice my skills in storytelling and creating content. This blog is the start of this.  Eventually, I would like to write a book, but for now – writing a few times a week is a great start!

inspiration curiosity the someday project paint inspiration


2. Find my craft. I love patterns, color, and texture.  With that, I find myself wanting to make art.  To learn to paint.  Or to draw.  Or to sew.  Or  pottery. I have so many things I’d like to learn, but this project is about picking one and practicing it enough to know if it’s for me.  I’m starting with painting.  It’s easy, it’s something I know just enough about to get over the fear of starting.  And I can do it anywhere and for any short bits of time I can find.

peach grow your own food inspiration curiosity the someday project

3. Grow my own food.  There is nothing more satisfying than being able to eat the fruits (pun intended) of your labor. We have had a killer crop of tomatoes this year, and I’m looking forward to adding more variety to our garden each season. I like watching things grow and thrive, and S enjoys watching the critters that visit our garden. I also like watching something not make it, so I can play the scientist and figure out what went wrong and how to do better next season.

So.  There they are.  My top 3 somedays for this year.  I’m excited to learn, to make, to grow.  I’m excited to share it with you here on this blog as I go along.

And I’m interested to hear – what’s on your someday list?

xx, jill