Space for ME.

the someday project space for me

I originally started this post to focus on the topic of balance, and specifically how I struggle to find it in my daily life.  But as I was writing, I started to see a new path, a way forward that I’m committing to right here and right now to see how it works.

I’m an obsessive list maker, in life, in work and in nature.  On my weekly to-do are loads of tasks I need to get done for work.  Things I need to do with or for S.  Errands to run, bills to pay, appointments to schedule.  On my weekly list are also self-care habits that I know lead me to be my best, and these are most often the to-dos left unchecked at week’s end.

I know I am at my best when I have some time each day to myself, to reset, to move, to express and connect with my brain.  These are the things that I know to be my Prozac, my air, my fountain of inspiration, my lifeline to good mental and physical health.

My San Francisco trip was a great refocus for me.  I was able to do self-care daily…a workout, some writing, some quiet time.  My mom was with me, so I also got lots of connection time.  I felt a shift in my outlook and being.  I was more patient.  More present.  More loving towards the world.

I should be this way more often.  It makes me a better mom, friend, daughter, creative, leader and human.

Things that help me connect to me that I’m committing to doing more regularly:

the someday project space for me

Move my body.  I feel my best after a sweat-sesh.  I love to run, walk, do a favored workout video. At the moment, practicing yoga is my obsession as I love the double whammy it does to tire my body AND quiet my brain.  I’m noticeably happier after a workout, and too many days without one leaves me tense and tired.

the someday project space for me

Creating rituals.  I practice rituals in my daily life…most of them involve some type of calmness I am seeking to bring into my life + home.  I’ve found the act of lighting my favorite candle, or diffusing some essential oil is a great way for me to invite awareness into my day.  For me, I like to match the scent to the season.  This summer, I’ve got a rotation of citrus scents on repeat – bergamot, lemon, orange.  These light and crisp scents are also proven to be  good for your mood + brain helping to curb anxiety and lessen depression.  Win-win.

the someday project space for me

Practicing gratitude.  Pausing to remember what I am thankful for each day (so much!) helps to stay connected to all the good in my life.  It’s a great way to start or end my day, especially when I include little S in my gratitude practice.  In my practice, I show gratitude in many ways:  journaling, an evening prayer or a conversation with S about the 5 things we are each MOST thankful for that day.  It’s an instant mood-booster if I’m having a less than good day…and a nice connection to all that is good in the world.

What are your self-care rituals?  Share them below, and join me in practicing love and gratitude for the gift of YOU! I hope with a little more love and care for ourselves, we could make the world a brighter, happier, calmer place.



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