The Art of Procrastination

Today, I finally finished my mood board that started this project + blog. I had been doing my usual tricks of procrastinating, waiting for the perfect image, quote, tchotchke + overthinking every single detail.

FINALLY. I just forced myself to finish.

These distractions are my loops, and I run into them often. They paralyze me and keep me from making progress.  I’m trying my best to battle them and break them down.

Some of my loops:

1. Seeking perfection. I get so caught up in making everything PERFECT that I get stuck in non-action. To force my hand into action, I’ve started being more visible with my work (hello blog) and imposing deadlines on myself to just get s*&! done.  My new mantra is DO instead of DREAM, because, hey – showing up beats being perfect every time!

2. Self-doubt. I constantly second guess myself. Do I know enough?  Why do I think I am an expert on this topic?  Wait, I’m not a master at (insert anything here)!!   I have to constantly remind myself that I’m more than ready + being an obsessive thinker, writer, worrier + researcher has me set up well to just start.  And what’s the worst thing that can happen?  I’ll fail.  Embarrass myself?   Learn something new along the way.  Maybe even have some fun.  I need to get out of my head and into the world more, it’s a pretty cool place.

3. Master procrastinator.  Walk around my life and you’ll see the detail of the obsessive extensive list taker I am.  Lists on my phone, my computer, paper stickies all over my office + home.  These lists are the bain of my existence when I’m trying to do something I can find ANYTHING that must be done when I’m itching to work on a project. I’ve found the best way to trick myself here is to put creative tasks on my list as well:  write 3 posts this week.  1 hour of photography work.  Complete skillshare class on InDesign.  Seeing the tasks I WANT to do on the same list as the things I MUST do, forces my hand into action.


Do you run into any loops of your own? Loops that keep you from finding your inner badass, your creative genius, your patient learner?  Let’s share our tips and lose the loops for once and for all…