Tuesday Tools: Clean Beauty Round-Up

makeup bag via Etsy seller MISSWITHIT.

Hi there!  Hope you’re having a great week so far.  I’m excited to share today’s post with you for a couple of reasons:

  1.  Beauty products are FUN.  I mean, who doesn’t remember her first makeup set?  The glamour, the joy, the inappropriate amount of sparkly baby blue eye shadow I rubbed on my face…even today, I relish the act of putting on makeup.  All 3 minutes of it:)
  2. To share my passion for clean beauty with you. Don’t worry – you can totally still be a design-loving, make-up wearing lovely AND do it while being as kind to your body and the earth as possible.  I am proof.

Let’s start with why I made the switch.  When I became pregnant with S.,  I  was a bit obsessed with what I was putting on my body.  During that time, I read an article about the perils of deodorant and the article referenced our skin as our largest organ.  Bring on the freak out!  I am very careful about what I put into my body to take care of my organs, why wasn’t I caring as much about what I put ONTO my body?  That was all the kickstart I needed.  Fast forward to a few years later, and multiple breast cancer diagnoses affecting loved ones around me,  my own diagnosis of an MTHFR mutation and more and more reading + research I’ve done – now has me believing I’m never un-greening this routine.

And before we dive in, a little disclaimer.  I am not an *expert.*  On anything.  I’m a passionate creative, with good taste and a penchant for research.  Obsessive amounts of research.  So take all of my recommendations for what they are.  Things I love, that you might too.  And if not, no biggies.  We can still be friends.  


goop glow exfoliating facial scrub

I’m a bit of a nut about skincare.  I tend to try a lot of new things, but when I find something I love – it stays in rotation forever.  This goop glow exfoliating facial is one such product.  The first time I tried it, I wasn’t sure…but then after a few weeks of steady use, I had friends commenting on my skin and how good it looked.  I swear by this stuff and use it religiously 2 – 3 times per week.  It just takes a small amount of this stuff to do its magic, so don’t be scared by the price…it lasts a good while!

beauty counter face oil green beauty routine

I follow my nightly cleanse with a Beautycounter face oil a couple of times a week – I especially love it after exfoliating.  I rotate between brightening and balancing depending on the season.   There is something luxurious about rubbing oil directly onto your face.  My teenage self would be cringing at the thought.

bamboo charcoal facial cleansing bar green beauty routine

My daily cleanser is this amazing charcoal soap.  I love how clean my skin feels, and the old-school vibe of the bar is refreshingly simple.

countermatch beauty counter facial moisturizer green beauty routine

This moisturizer just came out, and I’ve been using it for a little over a month.  So far, I’m beyond happy with it.  It keeps my skin supple, moisturized and clean feeling – without adding any oiliness or residue throughout the day.

MAKEUP (the good stuff)

juice beauty mascara green beauty routine

Mascara.  This was the second hardest product (behind deodorant) for me to find a good green substitute.  Something that didn’t clump or run, but still had enough oomph to get my lashes noticed.  Finally, I discovered Juice Beauty’s Phyto-Pigments mascara, and it is 100% amazingness.

dew skin tinted moisturizer beautycounter green beauty routine

Tinted Moisturizer.  I was a devoted Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer junkie for YEARS.  Until I discovered this clean replacement that is every bit as good, maybe even better.  Light in coverage, yet still evens out my uneven bits.  I apply it with this beautyblender to get the most even application and no mess.

olio e osso tinted balm green beauty routine

As for the rest of the routine, this is my go-to tinted balm that is as magic on cheeks as it is on lips.  I love most of these Beautycounter color duos for my eyes.  And when I have the patience for a little extra something, this is the best liner I’ve found.

rodin red hedy green beauty routine

Now, if you know me personally, you’ll know what an obsession I have for lipsticks.  I’ve tried lots and lots of green options since 2011, and these are the ones that have made my cut.  Rodin Red Hedy is my go-to red.  It looks good on lots of skin tones as it is the perfect, happy red.  I also love their more neutral So Mod color.  Fantastic on it’s own, or layer it on top of a bolder shade for a downplayed look.

juice beauty lip crayon trio green beauty routine

As for something more matte, I’m obsessed with Juice Beauty’s lip crayons.  They’re perfect for on-the-go application and have so many good colors.  I started with this super amazing trio.



schmidts natural deodorant green beauty routine

Deodorant.  This was actually the first product I switched,  as it seems to be the worst offender in terms of toxic load.  The first few brands I tried, weren’t great.  You see, I’m a nervous sweater.  Living in Texas.  Not a good combination.  I’ve recently discovered Schmidt’s and am total convert.  It smells amazing and works equally as well.  My favorites so far are Lavender + Sage and Bergamot Lime.

coqui coqui body oil green beauty routineBath Oil.  I ditched all my traditional fragrances, in favor of this Coqui Coqui orange blossom bath oil.  I picked it up in Tulum last year, and haven’t stopped using it since.  I use in it in the bath, or mix it with my daily lotion when I want it to be a bit more fragrant.

That’s a rundown of all my favorites to date.  I’d love to hear if you have any favorite green beauty loves, leave a comment below!

If you’d like to check out how your products stack up, check out the Environmental Working Group’s site.  Just enter your product, and if they’ve evaluated it you’ll get an easy to read scorecard on how it rates.

If you’re curious to learn more about greening your routine, check out these other resources here, here and here.