Weekend Links.

@pacecreative wallpaper from designlovefest

Friday again already! I am looking forward to the long weekend, and fortunately for me – nothing is planned! I have a long list of not so fun things I need to do around the house, but know I’ll be fitting in a museum stroll, a pedicure and hopefully a fun cocktail or three.

My Friday wish is that I was headed back to Tulum already.   Click, click, this is the place I’d like to call home.

This is on my nightstand right now, bring out your inner badass.  On little S’s nightstand, and on constant repeat is this lovely little book.  Love that it makes coding fun, simple and approachable to girls.

My ears are in need of a new summer wardrobe – are yours? Loving these, these and these.

My current color crush is malachite green + soft pink. A few eye candies for you to drool over too: here, here and here.  Trying to decide what to paint to get this combo into my life, stat.

I’m late to the party on these guys, but now that I’ve found them – I can’t get enough.

A new cocktail I’m planning to test out this Sunday Funday.

My hands down favorite read from around web this week.  Which has me thinking about starting one of these because a) women supporting women is awesome b) wine is probably involved and c) an excuse to host!  Who’s in?!?

Enjoy your weekend!  xx, j


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