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Happy Friday friends! Is it me, or are Fridays in the summer even better than a regular Friday?  I’m not sure if it’s the extra daylight, or the not having so many weekend activities since school is out – but I’m loving it.  This weekend we’re headed to a Texas lake with some friends, excited to unplug, be in nature and this not-usually-a-lake-girl is even looking forward to getting in the water.

This grilled peach salad is definitely making an appearance on my table soon.

the someday project weekend links
patio amazing-ness.

I’ve been stocking up on inspiration for decks and outdoor spaces…ours is failing us fast.  Some of my favorites that have me swooning are here, here (#11) and here.  I’m envisioning a loungey space to hang out with friends + kids alike, and a soft structure in our landscaping – think yuccas, feather grasses, and coneflowers.  Also – apparently, I’m not so secretly wishing this backyard was somewhere near the beach.

Any guesses what's coming March 7? #Chargoals

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Next up on my beauty list to try is this balancing charcoal mask.  I’ve slowly been greening my beauty routine over the past 2 years, and almost exclusively use this brand for beauty and this brand for moisture.  If you haven’t done this yet, it’s definitely something you should look into as the U.S. is severely behind the rest of the world in safe skin-care.  I’ll dive into all of my clean beauty faves + why I made the switch in a future post, but in the meantime,  start here .

the someday project weekend links

My hands down favorite read in a LONG time.  This amazing book by amazing blogger + writer + human, Erin Loechner, is a such a real, raw read on things we all deal with…yet, until collapsing into this book, I thought I might be the only one!  Her struggle of wanting to be a minimalist, who focuses on her family + experiences – while also struggling to build the Instagram-worthy home + wardrobe of her dreams is all of us in 2017.  As beautifully designed as it is written, this is one you’ll want to splurge for the hardbound version for sure.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!  This year, S. wanted to do something fun with photos for her dad.  She picked out and ordered these playing cards and can’t wait to surprise him this Sunday.

Happy Weekend!  xx, jill