Weekend Links

Hello Friends!  I’m in San Francisco for the weekend.  Excited to feel some bay area weather on my skin, and take in some yummy food + sites.

Some new to me lovelies from the week:

Girl Crush: Leah Reena Goren.  Love her smack-you-in-the-face playful use of color and positive feminine vibes her art gives off.  Inspired by the Ladies Drawing Night book she co-authored…and again, figuring out how to host a women’s group of some sort is on my someday list. By the frequency with which I have written about it, I’m guessing I need to move it closer to the top:)

I re-discovered her on a new-to-me blog obsession, The Chalkboard Mag.  Super engaging range of topics they cover, and I’m coveting hard on most everything in their shop and think their layout + design is oh-so-good.

This post on how to tidy your life in small steps daily really resonated with me. I am daily fighting the clutter battle with junk mail, a 5-year-old scavenger occupying my house, and my own inner curator. Her very doable tips might actually inspire me to cut through the mess and make some changes.

Are you as obsessed as I am with everything Gucci  is doing right now? It’s so NOT my go-to style, but I think my inner-boho-gone-crazy-granny-dressing self is drawn to it beyond belief. Maybe someday I’ll be able to pull off this much pattern mixing and color craziness (hopefully after winning the lottery) as they do in their runway shows…until then, a girl can dream. And this post can help you to pull off the Gucci inspired look for a LOT less.


On my to-do list for next week, turn my abundant tomato supply into fresh tomato sauce to freeze for quick future dinners.  Not sure between this recipe or this one…do you have a favorite?

Happy Weekend, xx – jill