Weekend Links: Practicing Compassion

I don’t know about you, but this past weekend’s events in Charlottesville have left me sad, speechless and searching for ways I can do more good.  I am shocked at how visible and at the ready violence and anger are present in our society.  It feels like we’ve forgotten how to love, how to connect with compassion and how to solve problems without resorting to crazy.

It’s lead me to think about my values, the ones I want to live and be known for.  What I want to teach my daughter.  How I want to be present in the world.  At the top of my list is being a good human, and to me that means leading with light, sharing love and showing compassion.  Compassion towards my fellow humans of all kinds.  Kindess towards our earth and its resources.  I’m committing to finding more compassion in my everyday and inspiring it in others as I can.

the someday project weekend links compassion

Today’s weekend links are focused on compassion, and also how to help + show up after events that shake us.

Joanna Goddard wrote a great piece on 8 ways to help after Charlottesville.

Grace Bonney talked about the balance between silence and action, that speaks to all of us struggling to figure out how we respond in these crazy times.

the someday project weekend links compassion

As a mom, teaching s. compassion is one of my top priorities.  It’s a value I aspire to instill in her in every form…a few of my favorite articles about raising a compassionate kiddo:   from The Chopra Center, Parenting magazine, and parents.com.  I needed a refresher on this, especially as her favorite phrase lately is “I want _____.”  Insert cry face emoji here.

It’s hard to bring compassion to life if you’re not practicing self-love and care.  A new-to–me podcast is Sarah May’s Help Me Be Me.  It’s like free therapy from someone you’ll want to be best friends with.  Great content, her soothing voice and approachable style never fails to inspire me.  My favorite episode if you’re in need of some self-love.  It’s on repeat during my commute these days.

7 daily practices to bring compassion into your life.

The benefits of compassion:

in the workplace.

to your health.