Weekend Links: Rituals + Relaxation

Happy Friday friends!  Today is the last day of our vacation and we are headed home to Dallas to go back to normal life.  Vacation in Montana has been a wonderful break from the Texas heat, and our daily schedule helping to reconnect me to nature, spontaneity, friends, S. and most importantly myself.

the someday project rituals
farmer’s market berries

I love, love, love the vacation life.  The no-schedule, see what can happen kinda day.  It’s so outside of my schedule + list making usual self, but so so good for spontaneous fun and going with the flow.  I’m looking to bring a bit more rituals back with me to keep me relaxed, grounded, creative and connected with nature + people around me.  I tend to get so sucked into a task or to-do list that I don’t stop often enough to enjoy the moment, celebrate the good, or breathe in the day.

the someday project rituals
driftwood + rock

Apparently, I’m not alone – a lot of people report higher joy pre-vacation than post-vacation, according to this New York Times article.  To help me I’m going to display the rock + driftwood art S. and I collected + created on our kitchen island as a visual to trigger vacation rituals:  sitting down to enjoy my coffee, writing daily and making sure S feels heard – even in the rush of the morning.

the someday project rituals
morning coffee.

Keeping in the theme of rituals, I loved every tip on this post from Well + Good.  My morning routine definitely does not leave me feeling like a badass at present, and who doesn’t want to start their day happy, confident and with intention?  Sounds like a win for me, and a win for everyone I come into contact with.

the someday project rituals
image via The Chopra Center

I was lucky enough to get on the mat a couple of times this week, and it always amazes me how instantly calm, quiet and focused my brain becomes – while my body builds strength and resilience.  I meditated a couple of times, inspired by this book I picked up and dove into.  The benefits of adding this ritual into your life are pretty instantaneous – and helped me be a better human, friend, mom, and adventurer.  Here’s to more of this!

the someday project rituals
hike to Hyalite

Our vacation usually consists of as much outdoor time as possible.  It is so good for both S. and I to be active and inspired!  I’m dreading the heat we are returning to in Texas, but excited to see how our garden has progressed and maybe even seek out some hiking trails near home.

Hope you had a great week and here’s to a restorative weekend!

xx, jill

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