Weekend Links: Summer

Happy Friday!  I can’t believe it’s almost the end of the summer break.  Especially with s. starting kinder this year, I am  a little sad for this season to come to a close.  I love the slower pace of summer.  Less rushing in the morning to get everyone dressed, fed and delivered on time…and a little longer to linger in the evening.  Ahhhh.  Soaking up these last few weeks as best I can.

the someday project weekend links
skirt steak via Bazaar Lazarr

I’m looking forward to hosting a girls night in.  On the menu, this skirt steak and this drink.

S. and I have a few more adventures to celebrate this summer.  On our list:  end of summer pedicures, a tea ceremony, and a school supply donation run.

the someday project weekend links
newest art addition

I’ve been re-arranging the house lately…mainly art.  Driven by this newest lovely.  My mom and my daughter collaborated on this, and I am so amazed at their creation!  The bolder strokes are sweet s.’s and the color work and composition is my talented momma.    They have such a special connection, and I love having this piece as a visual reminder of their bond.


the someday project weekend links
ladies at the beach, illustration via Danielle Kroll

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Have a great weekend!

xx, jill