Weekend Links: Volume 18

Hi friends!  This week I’ve been a bit off my A-game.  I think s. and I are both feeling the effects of allergies or the virus that’s running rampant at her school with our sleeping slightly off, and some mood disruptions daily.  Not at my best.

Knowing that, and feeling off kilter in my body, I’ve been taking some quiet time each evening to meditate, journal and do yoga in hopes of reconnecting with my center.  I’m happy to report that it’s be a l-o-o-o-n-g week but today as it comes to a close I can feel myself starting to resettle.

A few things I experimented with this week:

This 31-day yoga practice.  I love the way it kicked off my week by inviting ease, calm and connection into my practice.  I adore yoga, but struggle with the pace of some of the live classes I take at the moment.  Between this and my weekly chill class , I’m reminded of the mindfulness of yoga and why I started the practice in the first place:  to connect with and honor my body, to slow down my brain + my breathe so I can find ease and joy in the day-to-day.

practice you by Elena Brower

This journal from Elena Brower is both a beautiful and inviting way to get put out into the world what’s going on inside mine.  I heard Elena on the Heroine podcast this week and dove headfirst into her inspirational, uplifting and beautiful world.  Thinking of signing up for this local weekend retreat with her for next summer, anyone want to join?

A few eye-catchers from around the web this week:

I’m already in need of some school lunch inspiration…you?

the someday project weekend links
image via Simple & Season

I SO love this idea of a slow corner, I made a cozy corner sofa nest just for me.  Next up – maybe a slow down Sunday?

10 Lessons a 21st Century Woman can Learn from Jane Austen.

the someday project weekend links
image via Career Girl Daily

I’m a sucker for paper.  And organization.  An organization paper wonder?  Kind of my jam.

This piece on finding your original voice is a great how-to + confidence boost in one punch.  You do you.

Here’s to a slower pace for us all this weekend!  xx, jill