Weekend Links: Volume 19

the someday project weekend links
interior of De Maria

Happy Friday!  I am buzzing with excitement + energy this Friday.  This week, while in NYC, I was reminded exactly why I started this blog.  And more than that, why it’s called The Someday Project.  This project…these writings, snippets, photos, experiences are about opening myself up to the new + unknown.  About cracking myself open a little to let new light, new energy + new possibilities seep in.  All in hopes of weaving a new story for me.  Keeping the best parts of the old, but merging them with little bits of new.

the someday project weekend links
a wandering feather stuck to my water

Hope that you guys had a great week + a relaxing weekend ahead of you!

Some link love for you this weekend:

the someday project weekend links
Tom Petty quote via Find A Way by JWP

8 Powerful Quotes on Finding Your Way.

Prepare to drool over Art Deco era house.

10 Truths with Kate Bosworth.  My favorite line:  “you should kiss on every day that ends with a Y.”

My favorite podcast listen of the week:  Become a Soul Minimalist.

A good read on sexual harassment after a shocking week of revelations…so grateful women are discussing this and sharing their stories.  And that the world seems to be listening…

A Wes Anderson themed Airbnb in Prince Edward, Canada?  Sign.  Me.  Up.

Happy weekend friends!

xx, jill