Weekend Links: Volume 21

Happy Friday friends!  I’m so excited for today.  A full moon (yay!) AND my s. is turning SIX.  She’s been planning her perfect birthday day for months.  She’ll start with a scavenger hunt for gifts, followed by cinnamon sugar toast (with 6 purple candles, momma) and then proceed to celebrate her way through school, a family dinner and a small birthday lunch with her #girlsquad on Saturday.

the someday project weekend links

This one.  She’s pretty magical.  She teaches me things every day.  Sometimes, the silly – like who Matty B is, or where to find the poop emoji on the keyboard.  And other times the most important things in life, I learn from her.  She shows up.  She shows her emotions.  She takes everything in, in the present moment and feels it all.  I’m working to learn from her in so many ways, but this showing up and celebrating the day – every day…this is the life.  Showing your heart, sharing your light, enjoying the moment.  More of this.

Full moon people.  I’ve become obsessively into the lunar cycles ever since the recent eclipse.  Tonight I’ll be charging my crystals under the night and setting intentions for the month.  On my list:  slowing down and soaking up all the good energy + love coming into my life; more time outdoors to be present in nature; and more journaling to process as I close not only the year, but my work life as I know it next month.

And now.  Weekend links:

On my 2018 to-do:  Start an articles club.  More accessible than a drawing night to get started, and way more conducive to wine drinking than a book club.

Stranger things, anyone?  I’ve binged watched my way through season 2 in less than a week.  I need sleep.

the someday project weekend links

I recently picked up Justina Blakely’s new book:  The New Bohemians Handbook.  So.  So.  Good.  This interview pretty much sums up why I adore anything she writes.

Finally took the bait on the Glossier boy brow product this week.  I like.

the someday project weekend links

Full moon tonight, yay!  4 ways to observe + celebrate.

Justin + Selena, again?  Hmmmm.

The next Tulum?  Beach, surf, yoga – I’m in…

Have a great weekend!

xx, jill