Weekend Links: Volume 24

Happy Friday!  Only 3 more sleeps until Santa comes.  Are you ready?  I’m in the final countdown, planning menus and wrapping a few last minute straggler of gifts.   I’m taking each last to-do one task at a time, to soak in the moment, live with intention and knowing that it will all get done.

the someday project weekend links
a good reminder on 2017 via Jessica Jordan Yoga.

This intentional living, of being present in the moment is something quite new to me.  I have been, for most of my life, a jumbled, whirling mess of a multi-tasker.  Efficiency for the sake of being done, but not necessarily enjoying the doing.  In 2017, I sought more balance in my life.  Reconnecting myself to my inner voice, my purpose.  Building compassion, seeking connection and working to listen more closely to my body and soul.  Pssst, they said.  Slow down!  They said it in words, in thoughts, in sickness they sent my way to remind me to slow down…they said it in teachers around me (yoga, life coaches, therapists, friends, healers.)  They said it in so many ways, I didn’t have a choice to NOT listen.

And so here we sit, 98% of the way through 2017.  And I’m going slow.  Every step of the way.  Even in this most busiest of seasons, I’m focusing on slowing down.  Enjoying the moment.  The season.  All the goodness it brings.  Join me!

Good reads + links below:

An approach to minimalist living, that does good in the process.

Deciding between these make-ahead pancakes and this casserole for Christmas morning.  Maybe both?

Pizza beans, anyone?

the someday project weekend links

I’ve had this bookmarked for a few years now…and it still makes me smile + tear up at the same time.

Another good reason to relocate my phone at night…

How fun is this NYE bar?  Almost cute enough to make me want to host a party…

Merry Christmas + Happy Holidays friends!  Hope you all enjoy the weekend + holiday season.




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