Weekend Links: Volume 25

Happy Friday lovelies! Week 1, 2018, done. I don’t know about you, but I’m still feeling the rush and anticipation of a new year. I’m writing more and thinking ahead to all I want to accomplish this year with joy + gratitude.

the someday project weekend links volume 25

My S. started back to school on Wednesday and it’s been a rough transition for us. Her little body is worn out at the end of the day and she’s gone to bed 2 nights in a row around 7:15 after an epic meltdown in which inevitably something is screamed to the effect of “you are the worst mom ever.” She usually recovers just as she’s drifting off to sleep enough to apologize, hug me and gaze into my soul with those big blue beauties she has for eyes. But, she’s easing in and I know we’ll both be back in our rhythm soon. That, or my alcohol consumption will be WAY up…wish us luck.

This weekend, I’m looking forward to catching up with old friends, soaking up some outside time with s. in the welcome warmer weather and taking a slower pace.  And reading + writing.  Here’s some nuggets that I’ve been soaking in this week that are setting the mood for the year ahead:


A great read on practicing self-care in 2018.  As we all learn when we’re flying, only when our oxygen mask is on and adjusted can we be of help to anyone around us.  In life, self-care is our oxygen mask and right now we all need more self-care to change our world starting with YOU.

As I gear up to start a business, refine this blog, or even just work on being a better momma – I am loving this idea of a resource party.  A get-together with purpose…sharing community, kinship AND bouncing your ideas off of your tribe for input + support?  A win-win.

the someday project weekend links volume 25
Office Inspiration via Wit + Delight

Now that I’m working from home, I’m in nesting mode for my office.  Which means both organization + inspiration needs to strike a beautiful balance in this space.  #goals here, here and here.

I’m working to embrace my anxiety in 2018.  To learn to not fight against it, to just acknowledge it, let it pass and get on with my life.  This article about being grateful for the anxiety that guides our gut, our intuition, and our choices is really spot on.  And yes to more meditation in 2018.

Enjoy your weekend!   xx, jill


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