Why I Love to Travel.

Happy Monday!  I have to say, I feel almost bad writing about travel on a Monday when I know most of my dear readers are stuck at a desk.  I’m in Palm Springs for a couple of days just enjoying a change of scenery, pace and the company of good creative friends.  Especially since leaving my job in mid-December, I’ve had the bug to travel.  Dominating my destination list for this year are smaller, spontaneous laid-back trips.  Think Mexico beaches, Marfa excursions, and a West Coast road-trip.

the someday project why i love to travel

I have a BIG love of travel and here’s why:

The planning.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the planning portion of a trip.  Figuring out where you want to go, researching local shopping, inspiring sites, all the places to sleep + eat.  It’s no surprise as much as I love research, that this portion is nearly as fun as the actual trip for me.  President Nerd reporting for business…

The packing.  Okay.  So weirder than that I love planning, is that I love packing. I love thinking through as many options for reworking the same pieces over and over and seeing how little I can get away with taking.  I get dressed so much quicker and end up happier with my choices on vacation than I ever do at home.  I need to apply this simplified style, only the essentials edit to my closet to make my daily dressing much more enjoyable.the someday project why i love to travel

The journey itself.  As a (mostly) single mom + collaborative creative, I relish any type of quiet time.  More often than not, my trips involve some portion of traveling by myself to meet friends, or with my mini-sidekick who I happily let be glued to a screen for most of the actual plane ride.  Quiet time for me to read, listen to music or a podcast and just be alone with my thoughts.  A rare treat and one I enjoy very much.

Exploring + learning.  Being an observer in a new place, that’s kind of the whole point of travel, right?  I love the wandering, the new sites, the attitude of travel where you’re ready to learn and be inspired by things you’d totally miss in everyday life.  My best trips blend this spontaneity + wanderer mentality with some parts of my daily routine to give me space + time to reflect and soak in all the lessons and creativity I’ve experienced.  I try to keep up with writing or painting, yoga + meditation while traveling to keep me at my best.  The trips where I bake this in are the ones where I am the most refreshed, the most inspired and the most ME.the someday project why i love to travel

The takeaways.  I always have takeaways from my time away.  Some physical: sticks and stones, goodies to wear or play with when I’m home, pottery to remind me of a special place and load and loads of photos.  Others not-so: a lesson on shifting my focus, a new favorite song or dish, a new connection to a friend or place.

Do you love to travel?  What are your favorite experiences of your journeys?

xx, jill


Let me hear you!

  • I certainly love to travel with my mate and we’ve done a lot of it over the years. Sanibel Island & Bozeman, MT are a couple of our favorites from our travels around the U.S. And we’re always open to exploring new places.

    Somewhat oddly, a few of the most rewarding trips have been the ones I’ve taken with relative strangers. I’ve twice been to Mexico with people I’ve not known. Both were educational excursions & something about learning new things, discovering a new & strange place while also discovering new companions is (or was for me) profound.